Demons - Miss O



Miss O is the Italian-Belgian duo formed by Odette Di Maio and composer/producer Jan De Block.

Odette and Jan started writing together in 2009. Since the Miss O debut album Infection in 2012, Miss O has released more than 20 songs, and a song placed in an award winning movie. 

The duo is launching a new release, "Demons". 



Why us


Miss O believes that their songs can convey peace and harmony in everybody's soul.


Odette and Jan write songs to connect people spiritually since music has the power to transform our consciousness.


Miss O is about a wide spectrum of feelings, emotional landscapes and inner growth.


Let the etherical voice of Miss O resonate in your sore spot, where you can be understood deeply, and be part of a new world at once.


Listen to "Infection", Miss O first album, or their releases: "The girl", "Visions", "No goodbye" and the latest single, "Demons".