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Cosmic plasma story

Episode 1

  The majority of the universe is outside ourselves and outside the Earth. But despite what you may believe, the Moon and the Sun have a big influence on humans.

The role of the planets is less clear for most people, because we are not aware of where they are in most cases, but their relative position is very important: they symbolize a unique quality of energy which is the sum of space’s and time’s coordinates. Of course the real world seems chaotic, and although planets move in perfect orbits, there are dark matter, background radiation, black holes. And because reality is too complex for us to have a clear view of it, we use words like chaos and noise.

What’s more, the universe is perceived in a different way by every single creature. People get attracted and therefore feel connected to others because of the matching frequencies of their minds vibrations.

Not only thoughts but also dreams can have strong vibrations, and when they are pure, they can become authentic visions. Sometimes some visions can become reality.

Dr. J. one day started to hear a voice in his head, without knowing if he was awake or asleep. This voice was telling him things that made no sense at all at first, but they had the power to resonate within him.

Here are some of the phrases:

You know in the darkest hour how to listen to the grass growing up.

You say when the coastline lights are waving that they shine like precious threads of pearls.

As I’m closing up to you feelings, there’s a flood of stars between us.

I’m lost now, in the smoke of thoughts your mind is forming.

Time takes a form and comes to me, to make me free.

A beam of white light on me, took me away from here.

After some searching, Dr. J. found out that the first two phrases were from Italian singer Odette Di Maio. But the other phrases did not exist yet, he realized they were …from the future. This way, he found out that Odette was able to intrude his mind, and past and future were living simultaneously in the flow of time.

But back then, he had no idea how to meet Odette!


Episode 2

We are all familiar with a radio: basically an antenna that picks up etherwaves, a tuning circuit that filters certain elements from the noise, and a converter that transforms the tuned signals into speech and music.

When we listen to the radio we are connected with the broadcast station.

With cosmic waves, the same principle can be used. But here is the point: we’ve lost connection!

And building a working ‘radio’ requires a lot of research and much effort.NASA was one of the organisations that built the most advanced systems.

The limitation of the NASA approach is that everything is based on the rational side of science: any results that can not be repeated under similar circumstances are rejected. But cosmic waves they change all the time!

After many experiments and several failures, Dr. J. succeeded in finding ways to convey positive energy to animals and plants. In order to proceed with the next step, humans, Dr. J. needed a medium.

So fate wanted that, through intermediate contacts in Singapore, Odette would end up in Belgium, in a studio where, ‘coincidently’, Dr. J. was sitting in a corner, without saying much. They were briefly introduced to each other but did not exchange a word. A few moments later, Odette got near the microphone, without making any sound. She put her head up, and stared with her eyes through the window, distracted by a plane in the sky. Finally she opened her mouth, and the sound of her breath in the mike entered the electronic circuits. At the same moment, Dr. J. could see through the mixing console and through the cables a warm, relaxing red glow. Even before she whispered the first notes, he felt that she had the power to serve as a medium.

This all happened during a specific planetary transit, when Odette Di Maio felt the need for a more peaceful life, and wished to bring more harmony in other people lives.

Since then, Odette and Jan have worked together, on this common karmic task.


Episode 3

The energy-conveying machine of Dr. J. is somehow similar to a NASA design of 1976, but on a much smaller scale. However, using Odette’s planetarian calculations, Dr. J. could use the particular position of Venus, the Sun and the Moon as an extention of his machine! This way, the machine reached a sensitivity that is 1856,9 billion times higher compared to the NASA machine of 1976: a real quantum leap, even taking into account the technological progress since then.

If we divide this number (1856,9 billion) by 202 (the first song of Miss O – ‘My wildest time’ – has a duration of 3:22 minutes, which equals to 202 seconds), we get the number 9192631770. Atomic clocks on Earth are based on this frequency (9192631770 Hz), by using Cesium 133.

The launch date of Miss O was 2011 Sept 8. If you go 133 days back from this date, you get at 2011 April 27. Enter ‘NASA April 27 2011’ in e.g. Google, and find out what happened that day!

To avoid any side effects, Dr. J. first verified the machine on bugs. (Dr. J. believes that tests on rabbits, mice are immoral). The bug changed into a green smaller bug, and then disappeared. This way he could find out a way to reverse the speed of life!

By adding some balanced windings using 99,9% pure copper wire, he could interrupt the reverse speed of life, and made one single moment stable within some limits. The result is an instant when feelings of eternity, peace and unity merge in just a single moment!

From the bug to Odette there was another difficult step. Again, inspired by a NASA test from the seventies, he used a vintage radiotube.

By adding blood from Odette into the radiotube (where the cosmic waves were channelled and held in resonance), finally a special plasma was formed.


Episode 4

Dr. J. prepared the studio for the 8th of September 2011. The Sun conjuncts Venus, and the Moon is in Aquarius: the special moment!

Immediately after capturing the cosmic energy in the radiotube, Dr. J. added some blood  drops taken from Odette, thus transforming it into a powerful karma-plasma. Using an injection needle, the karma-plasma was extracted from the radiotube, and injected into Odette Di Maio’s body, transforming her forever into Miss O!

All this had to be performed within seconds, because of the short existence of this unique cosmic constellation.

Miss O is now the container of this cosmic karma-plasma, a V.i.r.u.s. (vocal intergalactic reprogramming united society) that is destined to be spread around the world. As the ‘V’ explains, spreading the infection happens through her voice.

When you listen to Miss O, relax, breath deeply and open your mind: you will all get infected! Don’t be afraid, you will not feel any pain! Your mind will open up, and become more sensitive to cosmic waves. Some people may react strongly, like Dr. J. (he had to wear a metal helmet at certain times). In general, the over-sensitivity disappears after a full moon cycle. If this is not the case with you, we ask you to send us a mail with code ‘!EM PLEH’. We will then send you a link to a song that will solve your problem!

What will happen when we are all infected with this virus? This remains a mystery, but one thing is clear: soon, again under the right cosmic constellation, we will all come together in peace, and sing ‘O’, a new mantra for our souls!

Now, just relax, open your mind, listen and get infected by Miss O!

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