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“Infection” – Miss O debut

On May 9 2012 the first album by Miss O has been released, published by the newborn Belgian indie label Addictive Noise Records and distributed worldwide digitally by Total Wipes Music Group. “Infection” is a collection of magical and pure sentimental songs that blend together to create a unique sound and style that brings about the pursuit of personal emotional balance.

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Lyrics HERE!

Here we go with the songs of “Infection”:

1) In motion

“This song is Miss O’s manifesto, it is about believing in something more than what we see, about sharing a feeling of unity and infect the world with it. We recorded the core of this song many years ago but then it took a while to make it sound the way it is now. We enjoyed the latest mix of it very much, in the end, and had a lot of fun playing those little bells sounds…”

2) Talk to me

“The second track of the album. One of the first songs we wrote and one of the “hardest” as far as some sounds go. It’s about communication’s problems and going beyond prejudices. Watch the brand new video of this song!”

Video: http://youtu.be/QHFt5NW4XkU

Song: http://soundcloud.com/missoworld/talk-to-me

3) The girl

“Odette always found this song one of the most difficult ones to sing, she needs to force herself to feel a strong emotion in order to sing it well, so sometimes she had tears in her eyes when she finished the recordings. It’s one of our fans favourites so we shot the video of this song on a sunny winter day.”


4) Sensitivity

“Lyrics were inspired by an Egyptian writer’s novel about one of the most famous Arabic singer of all times. This song it’s a love story but also a hymn to physical senses. Jan was happy to mix it since he could use the theremin sound which he loves so much.”


5) Butterfly

“Jan’s favourite! It’s about extra terrestrial worlds and a feeling of happiness that’s beyond an ordinary state! Let it lullaby you…”


6) 61 cravings

“The first piano notes introduce you immediately to a very delicate and intimate world of ambivalent feelings and light sadness. The chorus, though, brings more happiness and hope. We love it, although we’re aware it may be considered one of Miss O “most pop” songs.”


7) My wildest time

“Miss O first single! An unusual track structure for an intense declaration of freedom. We found some beautiful time lapse footage from Neil Bromhall on youtube, and he allowed us to use this “birth of beans” footage for our first video!”

song: http://soundcloud.com/missoworld/my-wildest-time

video: http://youtu.be/7Dw2ycMX75c

8) Getaway

“This song is about the loneliness of running to be first and to stubbornly reach one own’s goal, despite love. It was chosen by Dave’s lounge weekly podcast last April.”


9) The Neptunian

“One of Odette’s top choices, this song gets its inspiration from planet Neptune that influences us with a tendency to sacrifice and to merge with the universal flow and the spiritual side of life. These aspects are represented by the “Neptunian womb” in the lyrics: a place where all of us would love to return to feel peace and eternal tranquility.”


10) The country

“A song about the desire to leave the city to move to the country, to experiment a slower pace of life and enjoy the joy of little things!”


11) My wish

“Jan and Odette wanted to greet their friends and fans with a special Xmas song: they came up with a sad tune about the difficulties of living but also about the hope that we can make it anyway. The country-like guitar pattern and the relaxed, easy vocals combine together in an intriguing yet sentimental song.”


12) Night ride

“This is Miss O’s divertissement! We were doubtful if it would fit Miss O world but we decided to show our ‘darker’ side anyway. It may relate to David Lynch’s morbid fantasies and to a road movie with an unexpected final, we hope you can enjoy it.”


13) Back Home

“A return to where we started, other dimensional souls call us and guide us for our evolution. If we’re ready to listen with our heart we can soon find our right track back home and reveal our divine spark inside of us.”


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