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Simi Nah version of Getaway

It feels great when people work together! Some other artists got inspired to spread the virus (guess how that happened…) by making a remix of their favourite Miss O song.
In the coming period, we will surprise you with unexpected remixes from Miss O songs!

To kick off, we start with a remix made by french electro gothic queen Simi Nah.

You can preview the remix here

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About Simi Nah
Simi Nah grew up in France during the 80’s.
She is described as the “French Electro Gothic Queen” in the Belgium media!
In 1997, she released her first single with co-producer & co-songwriter Kenny, under the name “Coma”.
In 2002 Simi participates in the album of Svenson & Gielen “The beauty of silence”, where she interprets and co-writes 2 songs, “Evol” & “The Unknown Pleasure” with success in Japan.
In 2003 she starts her solo career simply named “Simi Nah”. Co-producer & co-songwriter Kenny follows her all the way, and that results in the “French Ep” which gains good reactions from France, but also from England where the track “Sans se voiler la face” has been played for 3 months on BBC Radio 1 by Dj Fergie !
Her first album “Cherchez la femme” followed by in 2004.
In 2012, Simi Nah released a new album: ’5′.
Simi Nah was support act of OMD during their last concert in Belgium.

How did you get connected?
Dr. J.: we were both invited in the showroom of a Porsche garage. I actually don’t care about cars, neither does Simi. A mutual friend put us in contact (thanks Nadine and Lieven, without you, this remix would never exist!). At that time, Simi was working on her album, and I was working on our album, so we felt connected like two pregnant women talking together. We make completely different music, but we respect our styles. After the birth of our babies (Simi Nah – 5, Miss O – Infection) I made a remix for Simi, and now I’m happy that Simi (and her partner in crime Kenny) made a remix for Miss O!

Why did you select the song “Getaway”, Simi?
Simi Nah: Because of my huge hunger for freedom and desire to get away at that particular moment made me choose this song out of the others! The title directly got my attention, and the melodic intro is really catchy.

Stay tuned!

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