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Getaway – the Suite 406 remix

Miss O – Getaway (Suite 406 remix)

Suite 406 is a project of Rik Rosseels, producer & CEO @ Bubblebath Productions (Antwerp, Belgium).
Suite 406 brings you Nu Jazz, Soul, Pop and Lounge together in an original, uniquely Belgian mix, and sends you on a musical journey filled with jazzy moods and soundscapes.
They have been compared to Kruder & Dorfmeister, St.-Germain, Dzihan & Kamien, Incognito and even Moloko and Jamiroquai.

After finishing their first album “Deep & Closer”, Suite 406 was asked to make remixes for 3kstatic’s “Sugar Evolver” and just released Claudja Barry’s “Good Time Girl” (Claudja was a member of Boney M, and had several hits as a solo artist).
So, if you’re looking for something “Deep and Closer”, open your ears, mind and the door of Suite 406.
Rik made this Miss O remix together with his studio partner Steven Geerts.

Miss O: “Rik, why did you choose the song Getaway?”

Rik: “When we were listening to the album and heard Getaway, we knew immediately that this was the song we wanted to remix. It was the rhythm of the Rhodes piano that triggered something deep inside. We felt that a half time beat in combination with a double time jazz groove would work very well with the original vocals.”

Thank you guys for your groovy remix!

CLICK on the visual to listen to it!


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