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The girl…s – a new experiment by Miss O!

What news!
This time Miss O decided to release 2 singles simultaneously on the 11th of May.
We were making a new mix of The Girl and we thought to record this also in 432 Hz. And here’s “The Girl – 432 Hz”: the first 432 Hz recording from Miss O! What is 432 Hz? It sounds a little lower in pitch compared to standard 440 Hz tuning. It is said to be more in harmony with nature and the universe, compared to 440 Hz: when you hear music in 432 Hz you’re supposed to feel more relaxed and filled with a sense of peace. The other single is “The Girl”, in its traditional arrangements and pitched at 440 Hz.

Watch our brand new VIDEOS of these songs on our youtube channel:
- The Girl 432 Hz: https://youtu.be/nAL9OIG9S7s
- The Girl – radio edit (440 Hz): https://youtu.be/xc9lA1_oT7g

Make up your opinion about the difference!
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And don’t forget: you can find both versions on Itunes too. Buy and download here!

Stay tuned!

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