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Miss O takes you to a parallel universe: a world of deep emotions, warm tones and delicate sounds.

Miss O is a little seed that becomes flesh and bones, and finds her spot in an otherworldly dimension. She’s the tiny line between the desire and the fear for love.
Magical and pure sentimental elements blend together in a unique sound and style.

The core of Miss O consists of duo Odette Di Maio, an Italian singer and songwriter with a broad international experience, and Jan De Block, a versatile and eclectic composer from Belgium.
Odette and Jan met in 2004, by chance, in the home-studio of a mutual friend.
Jan was impressed by Odette’s crystalline voice and proposed her to perform on one of his tracks.
Track by track and step by step, they realized that they were both exploring the same musical universe. After a long and intense journey of trying and searching, the universe of Miss O was getting shape, and both artists started writing an entire album together in 2009.
Their first album “Infection” was released on May 2012. An Ep (Visions) with new songs was released in the fall of 2014. Their new album is due late 2015.

Miss O is the sweet, fragile and warm voice of Odette, and the subtle, intimate music of Jan.

Open your mind and soul, close your eyes, and let yourself be carried away to the world of Miss O.

Odette Di Maio

Milanese songwriter Odette recorded 2 albums, starred in several videoclips and has been touring intensively with Italian rock band SOON, in the alternative music circuit during mid-90s. Her adventurous nature brought her to perform in Singapore, USA, London, Brussels and Antwerp. Odette has also been touring all over Italy for more than a decade with her acoustic show “L’America di Odette”, a personal synthesis of the best rock, folk and pop songs from USA.

She has also been collaborating with several other artists: with the American songwriter Ben Slavin she founded the folk duo THE MARCH in 2002 and toured the US East Coast; she sang the beautiful single “Nothing else matters”, also appearing in the TV series CSI Miami and TV ads for the electronic duo Bedroom Rockers. Odette also recorded the song “Faith” for the nu-jazz artist from Austria Parov Stelar, and wrote and sang for German artist Schiller, who wanted her as a guest in his latest album “Atemlos”. She also collaborated with Italian Pilot Jazou for their track “December”, and sang for her friend from Paris Lorbi, with whom she co-wrote all their debut album “Ring”.

Odette met Jan in 2004: “I would never have thought that from this casual encounter such a great project would result. Miss O brought out the best of me, artistically speaking, and left me the complete freedom to write lyrics,  sometimes even bizarre and esoteric. It has also taught me that I could express deeper emotions with a whisper that singing out loud.”

More about Odette:


Odette is gifted with an extraordinary voice, and she has a good feeling of song structure and music arrangement. She is very open to my chaotic creative ideas, which has a stimulating impact on me. She is a strong and stable person, being herself in everything she does. What I also appreciate is her artistic integrity, her patience, and her mental spirit to keep focus and motivation up. That is possible just because Miss O is exactly what we want it to be. We don’t have to adapt to the strategy of a commercial manager from a record label who wants to fit us in a certain format, or who wants to make us 10 years younger than we are. We are free!

Living: Milano, Italy

Believes in: reincarnation, planets’ energy & karma

Hobbies: travel, astrology, photography

Favourite dish: pizza, pad-thai

Books: astrology and psychology essays

TV: Lie to Me

Music: Aimee Mann, Arcade Fire, Radiohead, Bjork

Movies: American Beauty, Amélie

Art: Klimt, Dalì, Kandinsky, Van Gogh










Jan De Block

Jan started composing at the age of 7, on the piano in the living room. At the age of 14, he bought his first guitar, a lefty acoustic Ibanez. Today, he is still playing this guitar. When he was a student, he became obsessed by midi and synthesizers. He started working freelance in a studio, and after a while, he got his first job of writing scores to pictures. This was the start of a long trip of producing tunes for TV programs and international commercials.

When Jan is not working on music, he works in his laboratory as Dr J, designing high-tech devices that look as if they are beamed up from the past with a time machine. Some of these devices became part of the world of Miss O. When I first met Odette, I was impressed, not just by the sound of her voice, but also by the way she expressed pure emotion in a very natural way. At that time, I used to write impressive arrangements with trendy sounds. But once the voice from Odette was recorded on my tracks, I discovered that the songs became better by muting all sounds and instruments that were not essential. In a way, Odette got me back to the roots of songwriting, and her voice became the most expressive element in my sound canvas. So, I’m actually living a part of my life in Miss O World. Living in a world that you create yourself may seem very disconnected, but it actually requires a lot of self-control. Our objective is to share the world of Miss O with other people, as a warm nest, love, peace and salvation. It feels so good to work on this project!”

More on Jan:


Jan is an incredible guy, he has the energy of a volcano, thousands of
ideas, and a rare musical intensity. Often my role is to put a brake
on his “pindaric” flights, but I have to admit that the alchemy between
us tweeked on a dimension of mutual freedom and profound esteem for each other.
This allows us total honesty, and the ability to reset and start over
again when we are not happy with any result.



Living: Opwijk, Belgium

Believes in: a vegetarian life

Hobbies: recycling design, cooking, reading

Favourite dish: veggie food, black chocolate

Books: Zen and the art of motorbike maintenance, This is where we live,
Rosemary’s Baby, Idoru

TV: no

Music: Bach, songs, sounds, dub music

Movies: David Lynch, Amélie Poulain, Delikatessen

Arts: Picasso, Kamagurka, Kandinski

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