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Odette’s new solo album OUT now

Odette Di Maio, singer and co-founder of Miss O, comes back to the stage with a new solo album, published by Addictive Noise Records on the 17th of May.

6 new digital tracks are now downloadable from the best digital music stores: “Infinity pool” is a blend of acoustic, refined and melancholic sounds that perfectly fit the warm, crystalline and expressive voice of Odette and is about a spiritual connection with the higher dimensions of self and transcendent worlds. The album has been written, performed and produced by Odette Di Maio & Jan De Block and is embellished by “Circle”, a folky song performed originally by Texan artist Edie Brickell, that was popular at the end of the 80s. Listen and buy here!

Talk to you soon!

Miss O


Infinity pool cover

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