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Miss O bedankt je voor je feedback… en ook voor je suggesties om de rest van de wereld te infecteren met haar virus!

Laat een bericht achter.
  1. Gregor76

    Grazie Miss O, per la musica e le emozioni che ci regali, letteralmente, ad ogni ascolto.

    La versione di The Girl in 432 Hz ad un primo, incompetente ascolto sembra uguale all’originale. Ma poi, portando l’attenzione dentro se stessi, si percepisce la differenza: una serenità e un pace interiore che perdurano ore dopo l’ascolto.


  2. Raffaele

    Complimenti oltre che per la nuova veste grafica del sito soprattutto per visions .
    Resto dell’ idea che una voce come la tua dovrebbe essere valorizzata maggiormente in italia.
    Specie se si considera che nell’ attuale panorama musicale i veri artisti sono pochi .
    Ascolto musica da tanto e so riconoscere una voce e un talento che si distingue dalla massa.
    Di nuovo tanti auguri per altri album e per la tua vita.

  3. Jamie


  4. Love your music, great work!
    Would not mind helping to spread the ‘Miss O’ virus. Are their any licensing options possible?

  5. Nick Price

    Lovely,very cool x

  6. Alex Fiteni

    Infection must go viral.

  7. stef

    waiting for new songs..please reveal something soon :-)

  8. I hear your song again and again and again….

  9. sir colin rattigan

    hello young lady,
    well how doing, god its been such a long time,
    Your looking fab as usual,,,
    say hi please


  10. stef

    Finally could see you live, in Archiduc Brussels. Your music deserves a more quiet place with better sound!

  11. luca

    Your Infection album is GREAT!! I play it over and over, it brings me to a special place, where I would like to stay forever

  12. Very glad to know your creativity! I wish you success! Wonderful!

  13. luca

    your unplugged video is so sweet, you are such a wonderful talent! THANK YOU!! XXX

  14. Denys

    I’ve been to Kyiv (Ukraine) and thing went not so perfect as I would like. But when your bright voice in “Un Solo Minuto” started to sound in my headphones I felt that I am so happy and independent from current circumstances, that, probably, only Sun can feel the same and understand me! Thank you for those great 4 minutes 44 seconds!

  15. Luca

    Received the CD. Great songs, great voice, great lyrics!!!

  16. silver


  17. stef

    Don’t find words, really.. deeply impressed, thank you for the music!

  18. Mara

    Grandissima! Grandissimi! Molto orgogliosa di Miss O …

  19. stef

    the more i listen to the songs, the better they become

  20. silver

    What a voice!!!

  21. Asia

    I cannot find words that could properly describe what your music means to me. Just know that you’ve made something special and thank you for that.

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